Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

Body Psychotherapy

As a psychotherapist I have always incorporated body awareness into my work, encouraging clients to connect with and be comfortable in their bodies, and to explore and find out what their body may be telling them. Our life experiences, including traumatic ones, are stored in the body and one of the keys to healing is addressing the issues through the body. I have studied many body oriented therapies including Gestalt, Somatic Therapy and the Rubenfeld Synergy Method.
Somatic Therapy
I am a Certified Somatic Therapist through the Somatic Therapy Center. Somatic Therapists assist their clients in awakening to the wisdom of the body, release old limiting patterns and unexpressed emotions in order to restore balance in both their inner and outer lives. 

Rubenfeld Synergy Method ®

Rubenfeld Synergy is a specific type of body psychotherapy which addresses the body, mind, emotions, and spirit. I am a Certified Rubenfeld Synergist®. I work with clients to enhance body awareness, to find comfort in their bodies, to help them to reduce stress and increase relaxation. For more information about Rubenfeld Synergy you can go to this link:

Rubenfeld Synergy Site

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